They call me Coach!

By Nathan Becker, Research & Client Care Specialist on Thursday, August 4th 2022

They call me coach!  Sure, it’s only rookie ball, which is just a step above T-ball; but the game is basically the same for the group of seven-year-old’s I’ve coached this summer.

Coaching is something I’ve done after hours for the kids and financial coaching is something I do during the day for moms and dads; but, instead of playing on the ball field, we play on the field of life.  Like baseball, life has its own rules, as well. 

The most important part of my daytime coaching job is to first get you out of the stands and onto the field.  Spectators watch the game; players play the game on the field.  The Financialoscopy Team doesn’t play to make you a star player, but to assist you in getting on base, rounding the diamond without chalking up errors in your own game toward winning in your season of life.

Sometimes there are scrapes and bruises along the way.  Our job is to help train you to go all nine innings.  Perhaps you’re just in your first inning.  Maybe you’re at the seventh inning stretch or perhaps you’re trying to make a comeback during an extending game through extra innings.

Having a good coach almost always helps you to swing through, with more confidence.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the choice of balls, bats, gloves and fancy uniforms; focus on the basics of the game.  If I can keep a bunch of over-energized boys focused, I think you and I could work toward some wins in your financial life.

The best place to begin is getting into the batter’s box with a coach guiding you along the way.

I’m Nate Becker and it’s time to schedule your Financialoscopy.

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