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Praise for “Investments Don’t Hug”

“Good financial advice, whether delivered in person or by the written word, is a skillful combination of science, art, and (mostly) people savvy. Mark Bertrang delivers each of these ingredients in just the right proportion in his delightful new book “Investments Don’t Hug.” If you’re looking for a dry tome that discusses mutual fund expense ratios to the fourth decimal point, you can skip this book. But if you’re looking for practical solutions to the financial issues faced by normal people in today’s busy world, this book is for you. Mark takes us on a journey through the real life stories of families he has served through the years, teaching us lessons along the way that must not be missed. Thank you, Mark, for your contribution to the betterment of your clients’ lives and to the lives of everyone who reads this excellent book!”

—Byron R. Moore, CFP® Wisdom on Wealth syndicated columnist and radio personality Ruston, Louisiana


“Through my work within the Prosperity Economics Movement, extensive time is taken to calculate the value of using the economics of life insurance to enhance an individual’s life today while clients are alive, enjoying their lives. Mark Bertrang reminds all of us in his book “Investments Don’t Hug” that the centerpiece of this unique product is the certainty it provides families; not only for today, but the impact it has into future generations. The stories are powerful and the message is timeless.”

—Kim D. H. Butler Prosperity Economics Movement Mount Enterprise, Texas


“I never thought reading about insurance would be a page turner, but “Investments Don’t Hug” offers compelling and understandable wisdom about making long-term decisions for ourselves and our loved ones. As a pastor, I deal more with Blessed Assurance than insurance, but this book reveals that on this earthly journey, being prepared gives us an anchor when the unexpected comes. This book is a collection of practical resources that reminds us that the stories of others are often our shared story.”

—Reverend Jenny Arneson, Pastor United Methodist Church Sun Prairie, Wisconsin


“As an enrolled agent authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, the numbers have to be right. But, if there isn’t any money, there aren’t any numbers to calculate. “Investments Don’t Hug” helps to express a certainty to the numbers, the dollars that can help a family to continue on with a sense of certainty that few other assets can give. Investments may go up or down, so timing is an important factor in when to buy or when to sell. By “embracing the life insurance asset” a known outcome can be added into the equation of a family’s security, providing immediate cash, potentially income tax-free and probate-free, at exactly the time it’s needed. This book is a must for the novice or experienced.”

—Bob Daemicke, EA Daemicke Financial Group Palos Heights, Illinois


"Life insurance planning is a very important part of a person's comprehensive financial plan. Just like a customized, comprehensive financial plan, life insurance planning should also be customized for each individual or family. Mark Bertrang explains the importance of having a focused advisor on your side with a steady hand and a knowledge base to walk through the landmines that could lay hidden to the casual observer. Mark’s book shares real-life examples of what can occur in a family's life. Likewise, the explanation of how life insurance works, comparing it to how a home mortgage works, makes a complicated issue easier to grasp."

—Frank Cherniawski, CFP®, Wealth Management Institute Lansing, Michigan


“Effective estate planning requires collaboration and communication between a client’s professional advisors. Throughout “Investments Don’t Hug,” Mark Bertrang encourages and recommends that clients work with a financial advisor, as well as with a qualified attorney and accountant. A team approach of professional advisors is important to make sure the goals and objectives of a client are being met, whether through the terms of a will or trust or through the way in which beneficiaries are designated. Bertrang illustrates the importance of this team approach through the stories he shares.”

—Gregory S. Bonney, JD Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC La Crosse, Wisconsin


“It is nice to see, in written words, the ease of understanding something complex. Mark Bertrang has done a great job in making the value of life insurance very clear and understandable. The analogies used, and real life scenarios, bring to life that it is not about the product, but about the process and people. It is the uniqueness of family dynamics, dealing with perception and misperception, that I believe this book touches on very well. We see so many families having to deal with crisis and knowing the planning that was done years before will come to fruition. This book is a must read for families. It should be a call to take action.”

—J. Grady Jennings, Executive Director The Dignity Group Ontario, California


“As a software developer for the financial services industry I spend my days calculating numbers as to efficiency of one strategy over another. Life insurance can provide multiple opportunities for an individual to enhance their financial life. But, unlike a car, a refrigerator, or a stove, life insurance doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Instead, after a few months and certainly a few years, the owner of life insurance may have forgotten the reasons for the original purchase and the benefits it provided in the first place. Mark Bertrang has helped to outline, through stories and easy to understand examples, how the product of life insurance works and how it has impacted forever the families that he has served.”

—Todd Langford


“Mark Bertrang has done an extraordinary job of bringing his years of experience, clarity, and compassion to this book, “Investments Don’t Hug.” The joy and sorrow of each chapter builds your understanding of a potentially boring topic we often put off or never talk about—life insurance. I expected a dry formal explanation of this financial asset. Instead, I was moved by Mark’s vivid examples of real-life experiences and the easy to understand explanations of how this product works and the important value it creates.”

—Adrienne Duffy Big Futures, Inc. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“Life insurance provides the security of knowing that our loved ones will be taken care of, even if we are not around. It assures us that our hopes and dreams for them can still be accomplished. We should try to look at our dying objectively, and realize what effect it will have on the survivors. They will need time to cope and adjust, so giving them adequate financial security with life insurance is essential. Life insurance can provide immediate cash, income tax free, right when it is needed most. Mark Bertrang hasn’t just communicated this, but has made this product come alive through personal stories that he has lived and now shares with the reader of the walk he has taken through the lives and deaths of his own clients.”

—Kenneth Morrison, CPA Morrison & Associates, S.C. La Crosse, Wisconsin


“Here’s a secret: CPAs and financial advisors are in the comfort business. Beyond the discussion of tax deductions and market risk, we provide comfort that all aspects of your financial affairs have been considered. “Investments Don’t Hug” is a roadmap to give you comfort that your family is secure should you become disabled or after you die. Mark’s idea of “embracing the life insurance asset” is ideal for your overall estate plan. I highly recommend this book as you make plans for you and your family.”

—Douglas H. Chaffins, CPA Chaffins, Batdorf & Austell, LLC Marietta, Georgia

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