Retirement Toner Cartridges

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Thursday, March 30th 2023


Obviously, we use technology at the Financialoscopy lab every day, but that doesn’t mean that I Like technology. Here’s a simple way to describe how much I detest technology: once in a while I will need to print a report out, and as soon as I hit the print button, the printer tells me that I’m low on ink. Today, I figured out how to print out a printer status report. It shows that I am low on some colors and other colors I have sufficient ink currently. Some of these colors (because I’m a guy and I think in primary colors of blue, yellow, red), I look at and think what exactly is ‘magenta’. I know yellow. I know black. What is cyan? I would just call it blue. So, if a guy like me can’t handle something as simple as a printer, which is pretty basic, how is someone like you supposed to prepare for retirement on your own?

This is typically what people will do: they will funnel money into a retirement plan for 10- 40+ years. The problem is: how do you create an ongoing income for the rest of your life, when all you know how to do is save? I find that most people have difficulty figuring out how to spend in retirement. What is the proper way? What is going to be taxable? What will be not taxable? How does it affect your social security? if you are looking at the status report of your financial planning, perhaps you have some retirement income cartridges that are totally full, but do you know if some of your retirement cartridges are empty?

I’m not the person who fixes things like the printers in our office because I’m not a technically-minded person and I’m afraid of screwing it up. Just like how I need to ask someone to redo the cartridges in my printer, on the day of your retirement, when you press the retirement button, you need to find someone who can make sure your retirement cartridges are at 100%. Now, if we’re talking about someone’s retirement income cartridges, I get those. We understand how to change them out. We understand how to squeeze out as much retirement toner as we possibly can to make certain that you are picture perfect in retirement.

What are some of your retirement toner cartridges? These cartridges might be an IRA, a Roth IRA, a 557, a 403B, a 401K, a savings account, a whole life permanent life insurance policy, a money market account, a mutual fund, or a brokerage account. Do you see what I’m talking about here? You have this huge machine, and you’ve got a general idea on what you want retirement to look like. You have already drawn the picture in your mind, but do you know how to press print and get that beautiful picture to come out? More importantly, are you waiting until the day that you Need your retirement printer to find out if all of your retirement toner cartridges are working?

It may be too late if you wait for the day that you need to start printing your retirement life to take a look at what’s inside the printer. We can take a look at the retirement toner cartridges of your life to make certain that you are not deficient in any areas. It’s difficult when realize that you forgot some of your toner cartridges on the very day of your retirement. We can look at all of the retirement toner cartridges that you have available in your life.

If you want to be prepared for retirement with a full color range to print what your retirement life should look like, then today it’s time to schedule your Financialoscopy®.

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