Rainy Days & Mondays

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Thursday, June 23rd 2022


I think it was The Carpenters during the 1970s that sang a song that goes “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down”. As I was thinking of writing this blog post I was in the back of the office at the Financialoscopy Lab as a light rain was falling. It’s not a Monday, but we know how people’s attitudes on Mondays are typically not that good because the weekend has passed and all the fun is done. Now it’s the drudgery of work all over again. Today, on the other hand, it is a rainy day. In fact, as I’m looking at the forecast, we’re supposed to have torrential rainfall later on today. We’re supposed to have thunder and lightning and inches upon inches of rain. So, people will worry once again about if they will get water in their basements? Will there be problems with trees coming down? Will there be hail? Will there be hail damage on their automobiles? There are all these concerns; that’s what happens with storms.

That is the way it is sometimes with the economics of life; people have been worried about the stock market and all the chaos on a day-to-day basis there. How low will it go? Inflation, how high will that go? Also, what about the uncertainty of the world; there are all these supply chain problems. Will we be able to get the things that we need? Will items be on the shelves? What about the pandemic? Will it finally be coming to an end?

There are all these uncertainties, and this is what I know from 35+ years of doing what it is that I do is that the storms have always passed. The rain has always ended. The sun will eventually shine. The rainbow will show itself across the sky. Always be looking ahead because if we look extended forecast instead of everyone looking at the day-to-day weather in their lives, the storm in their lives today, maybe for the next week, maybe for the next month, maybe for the next year, but let’s talk about the extended forecast in your life. There are going to be more sunny days than rainy days. There will be more days that the weather will be in the 70s not 100 degrees like it was yesterday. Very uncomfortable yesterday. Yes, we’ll have days here in Wisconsin where it’s going to be 30 Below, maybe 100 degrees again too, but we know there’s always going to be a sweet spot where we will be comfortable and life will turn out okay.

So, think about the extended forecast and don’t always worry about “Rainy Days and Mondays that will always get you down”. If you need to get together with me, pick up the telephone or send us an email.

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