Weathering two decades of disasters

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Thursday, January 14th 2021


Each year we plan for the best, hope for the best and strive for the best; but what happens when the year takes a U-Turn?

2020 may seem like a U-turn year, a very big U-Turn year; but, let’s take a moment and quickly relive the past twenty years, one by one and remember the other unexpected U-Turns.

In the year 2000, Mad Cow was distressing folks in Europe and we suffered through hanging chads on election ballots to name our forty-third president.

In 2001, We witnessed the twin tower attacks and anthrax delivered through the mail system.

2002, Snipers took to shooting in Washington DC suburbs.

2003, saw the space shuttle Columbia breaking apart on re-entry.

2004, a tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.

2005, Hurricane Katrina.

2006, Saddam Hussein convicted of crimes against humanity.

2007, Ongoing attacks in Iraq.

2008, The housing market collapse and a stock market plunge.

2009, Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme. GM went bankrupt and unemployment was at a 16-year high.

2010, Goldman Sachs paid a settlement after being accused of misleading investors during the subprime mortgage crisis.

2011, Osama bin Laden was taken out in a nighttime raid.

2012, Hurricane Sandy & Isaac

2013 was the year of the Boston Marathon bombing.

2014, The Malaysian airliner disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.

2015, Terrorist attacks on the city of Paris. 

2016, The Zika Virus Outbreak.

2017, North Korea shot missiles towards the U.S. to show their might.

2018, More hurricanes.  This time Michael and Florence.

2019, Notre Dame Cathedral burned.

2020, Yah, Covid-19.

Every year has a U-turn, an unexpected destination that we hadn’t planned for, yet we all need to prepare for.   What are your plans to survive an unexpected U-turn year?


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