More than Just a Number

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Thursday, September 15th 2022

Here we are again at the Financialoscopy® Lab and today I would like to discuss a very specific number, “24601”. The reason I want to discuss that number is to make sure that you know that You are not a number. Anyone who has read the book or has seen the movie or the musical, Les Misérables, knows what “24601” stands for. It stands for the number a prisoner received after simply stealing a loaf of bread, and then he was imprisoned for years and years. Instead of being called Jean Valjean, which was his given name, he was referred to as prisoner “24601”. In fact, even when he left prison, he was still considered to be this number.

Why am I discussing numbers? Well, that’s because in today’s world a lot of people have just been relegated to numbers. In today’s world of financial services, it is all about account numbers. It is all about policy numbers. It is numbers, numbers, numbers. Where is the interaction with people nowadays? The problem with numbers is that most people, because they don’t get the service they deserve, is that they have been put on to platforms where the goal is just to make certain that you are at least average.

This all started back when we were all children. When you went to school, you were taught about bell curves whether you realized it or not because your teacher wanted to make certain that you were at least average. Your parents wanted to make certain that you were at least average. The whole goal was just to be average, just make sure you are not out there in one direction or another. You’re not doing anything outlandish. You’re not taking overdue risks. You’re not looking at new and different concepts: just be average, just get successful, just get a job, just get ahead. It’s always about the word: “Just”. Just be average.

Unfortunately, that is the way that platforms are put together nowadays just to get by. Unfortunately, because of platforms like that, we have average advisors, average registered representatives, average insurance professionals because they don’t think outside of the bell curve. This is where our team is different. This is where our team is unique. Where we believe we shine, and where we believe you can shine as well by thinking outside of the averages and by thinking of the opportunities that could come your way and to think of strategies that are maybe outside of the mainstream. To be able to get to where you would like to go and to get to where you would like to be, it might mean taking a slightly different path than what everyone else is doing.

Do you want to be considered a number? Probably not. Who wants to be known as “24601”? Instead, wouldn’t it be nice if your actual name was used, like in the novel Les Misérables with Jean Valjean. That’s what’s important. Think about opening your mind. Think about also opening your heart because that’s the kind of relationships that we want to build within the Financialoscopy® World. So, speak not only to your spouse, not only to your relatives, not only to your friends and ask them if they want to be average, or do they want to be outside of just the average bell curve. If they do and if you do, then perhaps it’s time for you to schedule your Financialoscopy®.

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