How do you like your coffee?

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Thursday, November 4th 2021


My mother has a coffee-clutch of gals over to house one a month for coffee and visiting.  She always makes a pot of coffee which is half caffeine and half no caffeine.  I guess she figures that she doesn’t want to get her group too charged-up.

Once a week, my father meets a bunch of his friends at the local Holiday filling station and convenience store in my hometown for morning coffee.  The Holiday store has a monthly special of six dollars for pretty much all the coffee you can drink for the month.  So, they sit, drink and talk local news and politics.

My late mother-in-law didn’t drink much coffee; but, always asked if I wanted some, when visiting.  Since it was freeze-dried Sanka, I usually passed.

At home, I own a Breville Cappuccino machine, which allows me to create Lattes and espresso.  I like to begin my mornings with a high-octane brew at 5:00am.

At the office, we’re pretty much K-cuppers, but we have recently upgraded to a French press for the team.  That is going over quite well; now we discuss what kind of roasted beans we should be trying next.

Why all this talk about coffee?  Because most people like coffee and those that do, often like it differently from one another.  Can you imagine a world where the only coffee you could drink would be Folgers?  They might advertise that "it’s good to the last drop"; but, that’s a statement you might not necessarily agree with.

Planning your financial life is kind of like picking your morning coffee.  It often might determine how your day will go.  Properly planning your financial life helps to determine how your life will go.  Will it be hot or iced, high octane or decaffeinated, robust or weak, or expensive or cheap?  No matter how others like it, it should be the way you like it.  So, instead of trying to match your friends and relatives’ tastes, plan your life around how you want it to be and drink your coffee how you like it.

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