Going to the Doctor

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Thursday, June 9th 2022


Do you enjoy going to the doctor? Not everyone does. Oftentimes, people will feel that it is a little intrusive in to their lives because there are all these questions and the poking and the prodding. In fact, it’s interesting, most physical examinations nowadays begin with a mental evaluation. Are you okay? Are you happy? Are you in a good place? Are you in a bad place?

I talk about this today because I just had my annual physical and many people feel very uncomfortable with the questions that are asked and the poking and the prodding and the lab tests. Afterwards, I needed to have some blood work done; cholesterol, PSI, sugar levels, etc., something very typical for some one my age. While I was there, I ran in to a friend who was also there, for an iron test. They didn’t feel quite up to speed, a little bit sluggish, a little bit slow, so they were seeing their physician to see if they had an iron deficiency and perhaps that was the reason for their tiredness. I also saw a young man who now I understand why they have a separate room to draw blood for youngsters because he let the entire floor know that he did not want his blood drawn.

Why do we do these things each and every year? It’s to live a long and healthy life as full as it can possibly be. The same thing goes with your financial life. You want to live as long and healthy and prosperous as you can possibly be, but that requires ongoing check-ups. It requires lab work. Sometimes, there needs to be poking and prodding and sometimes very uncomfortable questions. If you’re not being asked uncomfortable questions by the individuals you are working with to determine your financial life, you might not be receiving the care that you should because going to the doctor, as good as it should be for your life, sometimes needs to be uncomfortable. There are times you need to roll up your sleeve and have a test done, give a little bit of blood and make sure that everything is running the way that it should be.

Think about that the next time that you visit your doctor. I’m taking care of my physical body, but am I also taking care of my financial well-being? My name is Mark Bertrang and it’s time to schedule your Financialoscopy.

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