Lies vs. Truth

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Thursday, April 11th 2019

You’ve been offered to get in on the ground floor of a big business deal.

Or a new diet that lets you lose weight eating anything you want.

Or “work from home in your pajamas and make zillions!”

Humans are funny creatures.

We are willing to “believe” things we know are not true, because the consequences of admitting the truth seem too inconvenient or unpleasant…for now.

Lies are often more convenient than the truth. But they are still lies.

It’s only later that we discover the cost of dealing in fiction.

Here are a few lies many of us choose to believe:

1. I really can get something for nothing. I’m amazed at the number of sales pitches either spun on the radio or by word of mouth that pitch wealth for little or no work. It’s a lie.

Those “earn thousands each month from home while wearing your bath robe” pitches you hear on the radio, or the friend who offers to buy you coffee so they can tell you about how you’ll be able to quit your job if you just tell five friends a week about their product…to the degree that either is pitching something (wealth) for nothing (no work involved), they are selling a lie.

I’m not saying you can’t make money (possibly a lot) working from home or selling a product through a multi-level marketing channel…but if you get wealthy, it will be because you worked – either hard, or smart or (most likely) both.

2. I’m too old to grow, learn or change. Can I just be blunt? The word is not old. The word is lazy. In this wonderful, dynamic economy in which we live, one thing you cannot do is sit still and rest on yesterday’s accomplishments. If you want to remain economically relevant, you better adopt the attitude that you’re going to be a lifelong learner.

I know a man who had a highly successful manufacturing career, retired and became a videographer…in his 80s. I’m not sure he could spell Kodak (speaking of not changing with the times) before he retired, but now he morphed himself into a wiz with highly sophisticated cameras, video editing computers and very satisfied customers.

He didn’t stop growing. Have you?

Do yourself a favor. Steer clear of sale pitches that promise wealth without work.

Keep life interesting. Keep growing. Keep making a contribution. Keep creating value for others and they will keep paying you for the value you create for them.

Don’t fall for the something for nothing lie. Deal in the truth that when real value is created, economic rewards follow.

It’s a much more interesting way to live.

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