Invisible Enemy

By Mark Bertrang, The Creator of the Financialoscopy® on Monday, March 23rd 2020


There has been a lot of talk recently about the invisible enemy that we are facing with the Corona Virus.

I would like to take a page from history on how enemies were faced in the past on the home front.

My parents have shared with me over the years on the important job my grandfathers had in each of their communities during World War Two.  Mind you, one of these communities – Sebeka, Minnesota in the far north has a population of 675.  The other one – Arlington, Minnesota in the south has a population of 2,225.  Either one, is not quite a metropolitan area.  But, during the World War Two, each of these communities had a block warden for each city block.  The task of this warden was to walk his block after dark to make certain that every shade was pulled and every curtain closed.  It was his job that no light, however faint was exposed, so each town or city was not exposed from above.  My grandfathers were both block wardens.

Today it might seem silly to worry about German or Japanese bombers targeting these little communities in outstate Minnesota; yet each person, including my grandfathers were doing their part in the war effort.  They were focused, as were the communities, in which they lived.

Today, we’re facing an invisible enemy and we are being asked to do our part, no matter how small and inconvenient it may seem to be.  During World War Two, they didn’t have the internet, they didn’t have a television.  In fact, they only had a single radio, which only broadcast war news a couple of times each day.  They survived; We’ll survive.  Do what’s right for your family and what’s right for your family is to perhaps disengage from all the negative media.  Surely, stay informed; but, try to chillout.

Another thing my grandparents had to do during World War Two, was to live in a world of rations.  Each person, in each family was issued stamps which would be used to keep track of how much you purchased, whether it was certain groceries or gasoline.   Here’s the reminder to keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked, just don’t be irrational in your purchases.  Take a moment and think of your neighbor.

Regarding your investments; here’s the best question I can ask you:  Do you need all the money in your account, whether they be your retirement accounts or other accounts, do you need all of your money today?  Probably not.  If you’re like most people, the money you have invested today is money you are planning to use in the future.  Here’s a bulletin – The future isn’t today.  It’s in the future.  Focus on the future and let today, take care of itself.

In April, quarterly statements will be mailed from investments firms, 401(k) plans, IRAs and the like; and they will probably be ugly.  I wish that I could tell you to simply throw them into the backyard burning barrel, paper shredder or garbage; but regulators won’t allow me to say that.  I wish I could tell you to keep it in the envelope and wait to open it five years from now, after time has provided perspective, but I can’t say that either.  What I can say is to focus on the future, focus on your love ones and your neighbors.  Focus on what’s good and we will weather this invisible enemy.

Thank you and be well.





[This information has been gathered from sources believed to be reliable, but Brooklight Place Securities, Inc. cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information or the reliability of these sources. This information in this Blog is not intended as legal or tax advice, consult your attorney or tax advisor regarding such matters.]

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